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At MarBran, our personnel are committed to supplying a product that not only meets the highest worldwide quality standards, but also ensures complete safety for the final consumer. To achieve this goal, MarBran has implemented a variety of programs and policies in each of our facilities, focused as a whole on guaranteeing the safety of the raw materials, finished goods, facilities, equipment, and tools used during our processes.

Each of the programs implemented are based on the requirements of the Food And Drug Administration of the United States of America (FDA), the American Institute of Baking (AIB), the National Food Processors Association (NFPA), and the individual requirements of our different customers, all with the purpose of building a complete and functional food safety program.

In addition, our Food Safety Program is audited regularly, both on an internal and third-party basis. The purpose of these audits is to detect areas of improvement, with each audit generating a list of potential changes. Qualified MarBran personnel evaluate and follow-up on these suggestions, implementing functional, corrective actions until any and all deficiencies are resolved.

The following is a brief description of the most important aspects of our Food Safety Program.

Mar Bran has implemented a formal and well documented program to prevent the adulteration and contamination of food, raw materials, equipment, and tools caused by any kind of pest, or undesirable animal activity such as birds, rodents and/or insects.

Each Mar Bran facility keeps written procedures, oriented to fulfilling international requirements for food safety and aimed at decreasing the potential contamination of product caused by pest activity or from the inadequate use of materials and procedures designed to control such activity.

Pest control in Mar Bran is carried out by internal qualified personnel, backed up by an external certified pest control company. This external company gives technical and material support to Mar Bran with the aim of efficiently controlling all types of pests. This company also carries out periodic verifications of the correct operation of our pest control program.

The MarBran Food Safety Program is a broad, integrated program covering each of the various stages of food production, and directed toward the goal of protecting our products from any adulteration during storing and/or processing. Stages of production include: reception and storing of the raw material, transfer and handling of ingredients, operational practices, delivery to the customer, and personnel practices.


In each of the facilities, Mar Bran has implemented documented procedures for the reception, handling and storing of raw material and incoming goods. These procedures fulfill the Good Manufacturing requirements.

Operative practices:
Mar Bran has implemented effective policies to avoid contamination from metal, wood, glass, hair, carton and other kinds of foreign materials.

Delivery Practices:
Mar Bran has a lot coding program, also known as a production code, that is permanently legible for each of the processed products in order to satisfy the packing requirements of our customers.

Personnel Practices:
Based on the Federal Code of Regulations PART. 21, (USA), Mar Bran has implemented an effective Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP´s) policy in all the different areas of the plant. This policy is frequently evaluated in order to verify its efficiency.

Part of this successful program is the constant training and encouragement of our personnel at all levels with the main aim of complying with the regulations stipulated in our internal policy and with all local and international regulations.

All MarBran production lines and processing plants have in place currently a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system.

The MarBran HACCP system includes a thorough analysis of the potential hazards affecting the integrity of the MarBran product. After carrying out an extensive investigation in order to determine the relevant Critical Control Points (CCP) for each production line, we then establish Critical Limits (CL) for each defined CCP. Qualified and trained MarBran personnel monitor each CCP on an ongoing basis. Were it to occur that any CCP exceeded the Critical Limits, the affected product would immediately be placed on hold. A series of corrective measures would be put into place, focused on controlling each deviation of the control limits and preventing any similar occurrence in the future. All activities of the MarBran HACCP system are properly recorded, and the system is frequently audited to evaluate its efficacy using both internal and external audits.

Mar Bran has implemented a formal preventive maintenance program. This program functions using a program of work orders for the maintenance of buildings and equipment.

We follow sanitary/hygiene design criteria for buildings, equipment and tools. The objective of this kind of design is to avoid the contamination of food from other sources. This criteria is based on sections 110.20 and 110.50 of Tittle 21 of FCR (USA) related to Good Manufacturing practices.

Building structure:
Mar Bran keeps its facilities in such conditions so as to protect against food adulteration based on established programs. These programs include cleaning of external areas around the building, and the maintenance of buildings.

Mar Bran has programs for the verification of design, construction and repair of process equipment with the aim of avoiding food adulteration during the process.

Mar Bran uses a deep well water supply in each plant. Our company complies with strict Health Department controls for water supply used in our facilities based on Mexican and International regulations. This water supply fulfills the highest standards of water quality worldwide. Our water supply is periodically tested for microbiology and chemicals to ensure that the water used in Mar Bran fulfills these mentioned standards.

Sanitation safety controls at MarBran include our Master Cleaning Program (MCP) and Standard Procedures of Sanitation (SPS). These programs oversee the programmed cleaning of buildings and external areas, equipment, and tools, as well as the cleaning of electrical and mechanical systems associated with maintenance activities.